Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Just saying

One of the conversations on 960-AM's 'The Home Team centered around absurdly too early talk about who was going to play for the national championship. Focusing on Chris Braime's belief that we're heading for a 2007-like, end-of-the-world scenario with several one-loss teams vying for the top two spots, Jeff Dantzler double-downed on homerism.

Braime asked if Texas was undefeated and assured a spot in the title game, who would go between a one-loss Alabama/Florida team and an undefeated Penn State/California team. Dantzler backed the SEC teams both times, though he was more hesitant when it came to California.

Listen, I'm a big believer the SEC is the toughest conference out there, but if there's a BCS conference team unbeaten, it's ridiculous to think they wouldn't get a shot at the title. If it's Penn State, they'll have beaten Michigan, Ohio State and Michigan State. If it's California, they'll have beaten two other BCS conference opponents (Wisconsin and Maryland), as well Southern California, Washington and Oregon.

I can concede that Alabama or Florida might be better, but being the better team doesn't always translate into automatic title game berths.

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